Wine Tasting.... - Saturday, December 14, 2002

...sounds good doesn't it? We can assure you it was. to get to the famous wine region of Blenheim on the South Island we had to take a three hour ferry ride with Stella across the Cook Strait on the car ferry. It just so happened the wind was pushing close to 100 kph (about 67 mph) making the ride a little bit rough. The small cruise ship went across the Straits with a list to the left due to the fierce North wind that was hammering us the hold ride.

Once the boat made it across we entered the idyllic Marlborough Sound for the rest of the journey into the harbor at Picton. Picton is a quaint little town which is the starting point for adventures throught the South Island. First priority, head 20 minutes south to wine tasting territory for a 1/2 day tour. Our well-informed tour guide Ray had been living in the region his entire life and insured we had a great time along with our new buddies and fellow tour mates. After eight vineyards and tons of vino, Ray dropped us off at our campsite for a good, long nap. Fun day!! A bottle of VERY GOOD wine is only ~ $15-20 here...amazing..

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