Wellington - Friday, December 06, 2002

We've been hanging out in Wellington dodging the raindrops and getting our travel shots for the other parts of our trip. The day we arrived in Wellington was gorgeous and it's easy to compare this city with Seattle and San Francisco. The weather has been shitty since we arrived. Rain, Rain, Rain.....

Of course sleeping in Stella has been challenging with the rain. Not like we have a door mat to wipe our feet off with. We have the van parked in a pay lot next to the very huge and very new "Te Papa" museum on the Wellington waterfront. It's $25 US a week, and we walk less than 100 yards to the local YHA Hostel where, as card carrying members, we get to use their facilities for free (showers, laundry, kitchen, TV, etc). How's that for budget accomodations?

It's been so wet here, that Stella is actually raining inside. Not too much, but there is so much condensation in the van in the mornings because we can't sleep with the windows open due to pouring overnight rains. We've managed to keep everything pretty dry and have been sleeping comfortably on the queen size futon. The decision to save money here in the city was so we would have extra money for a few nights of nice accomodations on the scenic South Island.

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