Finally - Good weather! - Thursday, November 21, 2002

The day we left Kaitaia, the weather improved considerably as we made our wy east toward the Bay of Islands (Kiwi version of the Bahamas). On the way, we stopped at the Monganui Fish Company to sample the shop's infamous Fish and Chips (Bluenose fish). It was some of the best we've ever had!

We found yet another great holiday park and settled in to our site on the shore of a river overlooking Hururu Falls. We microwaved some popcorn and hung out at the lounge/bar for a few hours. After completed a much needed load of laundry in Paihia-the gateway to the Bay of Islands-we took a car ferry to a small town across the bay. Again we lucked out and found a fab camp spot overlooking the harbor and watch a spectacular sunset. We spent most of the afternoon soaking in some of the 1st rays of shunshine we've seen in NZ while becoming completely absorbed in our new books. This has been the most relaxing day thus far. If the weather is agreeable, we'll do one of the "must do" activities while up here--fish, swim with dolphins or go sailing.

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