Waitomo Cave Exploring - Sunday, December 01, 2002

We pulled up to the town of Waitomo late Sunday night to visit the infamous glow worm caves. These little insects live in dark places like caves and emit light. We took a 45 minute easy hike in the rain to check out the glow worms and were not let down. In many spots, we didn't even need our torch (Kiwi for flashlight) to light the way! When walking into a cave it felt as if we were looking into the sky at the stars. We don't have any pics b/c we couldn't figure out how to turn our flash off. Too bad..

The following day we went on a 5 hour caving, abseling (Kiwi for rapelling), climbing, zip lining, and floating on an inner tube and swimming through a unique underground river system. Yes, we did all this in 5 hours and froze our butts off but had one hell of an adventure that we'll never forget. It was truly fun and challenging. Hey, every day you don't get to go abseiling and zip lining! Here are some pics of what we did--more to follow.

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