Sunny Seattle? - Monday, July 12, 2004

Yes it's true. Seattle is sunny in the summer. It's the area's best kept secret!

We found a cute little rental house in a great location - close to the freeway, grocery store, and Greenlake (for dog walking and running). It's been fun settling in.

Backpack travel for 2.5 years didn't seem so bad at the time. We are now living like most people our age with our own bathroom, bed, kitchen, wardrobe and internet. Unpacking is like a birthday celebration. After having only 2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, and a few t-shirts for so long, our wardrobe now feels massive and complicated!

While it's nice to have our own place, all the stuff we've accumulated over the years is quite overwhelming. Our large Goodwill pile is a true testament of our new "less is more" theory on life.

We both feel a longing to get on the next plane flight, and we've only been home 3 months!! It seems that our around-the-world journey has instilled a deep need to continue our explorations. We can't wait until our next vacation!

Vacation. Hmmmm.. The only way we will be able to take a vacation any time soon is to get jobs! It has been a while... We'll begin our search soon - most likely after very slowly unpacking our last few boxes. We are both looking forward to getting our brains on something. We haven't become lazy slobs just because we haven't worked these past couple of years!

Ciao for now!

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