Kauri Forest - Tuesday, November 19, 2002

*On our way to the infamous Kauri Forest on NZ's NW coast, we were awarded a picturesque drive through rich, green, hilly farmland loaded with cows, horsies, sheep, and even a few deer. The rain from the past 2 weeks made the land come alive! The Kauri tree (wood for sail masts and gum for turpentine) was NZ's earliest and most important export in the late 1800's. We checked out some 2000+year old trees and 4000+ year old stumps. HUGE!!! The pics won't do them justice!

*Passed through Hokianga Harbor, an absolutely pristine harbor on the west coast. We took a small car ferry across the bay to meet up with our new friend Mac who we met while hanging out in Cape Tribulation in NE Australia. Mac is in his 60's and was taking a break from life in NZ for a few weeks to tour Queensland.

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