B-day UFO's - Saturday, November 30, 2002

What a wonderful birthday I had, full of pampering (suprise massage), amazing food, and a good night's rest in a hotel not in STELLA! After a wonderful meal out, we went for a walk along the shore of Lake Taupo (not unlike Lake Tahoe) and were just chatting away when a man stopped us and asked us, "What are those weird lights moving around in the sky?" We had absorbed in coversation, we hadn't noticed the UFO's in the sky!!! OK, maybe they weren't UFO's but everyone walking and driving on the shore that night seemed a bit curious... Hmmm. There were ~ 7 or 8 white lights, not the blinking kind on an aircraft, that seemed to move in random patterns through the skies over Taupo. They left pretty quickly after about 10 minutes. Pretty weird, eh??? We took some pics, but haven't developed the film yet. We aren't expecting much and havne't had an disturbing abduction dreams yet!

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