X-mas Wind Storm - Tuesday, December 24, 2002

After climbing the mountain pass (thanks Stella) west of Abel Tasman National Park, we were rewarded with Lord of the Rings-like views of the Kahurangi National Park and Golden Bay. On this beautiful day/Christmas eve, we rolled into Takaka-a small hippie, organic, farming town. The place was bustling with activity as folks were buying last minute food and gifts. We chose a great camp spot under a huge tree by the beach, away from the family tent villages (adorned with Xmas lights, generators, and Charlie Brown Xmas trees).

We set up our front porch for the 1st time (tarp, poles, stakes) in anticipation of a relaxing few days on the beach. We cooked an amazing Porterhouse steak dinner before the wind started to blow. Our new porch finally succumbed to the torrential rains and howling, 50mph winds by ~3am. What a crazy night!!! The next morning we found some parts that turned up missing during our 3am porch disassembly and cooked up a grand American-style breakfast complete with US-style bacon, eggs, and pancakes in a bottle (just add water & shake). YUMMY!!!!! For Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Xmas we missed being with family, but it's great having a cell phone that works almost everywhere in NZ so we can keep in touch!

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