Back to Civilization (movie theaters) - Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Too bad it was still raining on the drive from Havelock heading west toward Nelson. We crossed a mountain pass and carefully negotiated the windy road which would have afforded stunning views of the Tasman Bay had the weather been good. Bummer! Nelson is the 2nd largest city on the South Island and is known as the "Sunshine Capital" of NZ. Why we would stay in yet another big town when were are here to hike and camp? Well we needed to develop several rolls of film, pick up a crucial package that Jerry had shipped (waterproof hiking pants...didn't think it would be raining this much!!), and of course see Lord of the Rings (well worth it). We were a bit disappointed that our very amateur photo skills did not render the beauty of the Marlborough Sounds & Queen Charlotte area. We'll be sure to buy some postcards, so we don't forget.

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