STELLA!!!!!!!!!!! - Thursday, November 14, 2002

Well we've named our van Stella the Seafoam Green Starwagon. The owners of the 1st caravan park we visited suggested we choose a girl's name since they've found that most boy-named cars often break down! Good advice...keep the luck going a bit longer! After buying a cooker, pots, pans, a duvet, and a few other nick nacks, we're ready to roll! We found some pretty sweet tapes at all the 2nd hand stores we visited to outfit Stella; but unfortunately, we found the tape deck is broken. Our visions of driving around NZ listening to Barry White and Kenny Rogers just will not be realized---damn shame..

We spent the last few days in the 2nd largest town on the north island called Whangerei (~65K people) and are now making our way up to the Bay of Islands. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go sailing. More later..

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