Kia Ora from New Zealand - Sunday, November 03, 2002

That's Maori for Hello!

We finally made it to NZ around 2AM on Monday morning. After sleeping late we decided to relax for the rest of the day. We did get a cell phone and have a local number here in NZ (see below) - feel free to give us a call. Here is quick tutorial on how to convert the time:

PHONE NUMBER: 011(64)210369788

PST is 15hrs (CST is 17hrs) and a day behind NZ. For Example:

CST=9pm Sunday or noon Monday
PST=7pm Sunday or 10am Monday
NZ =4pm Monday or 7am Tuesday

We will also be spending the next couple of days looking for a car and scheduling some of the amazing treks here in NZ. Hopefully on our next post we will be able to show you a photo of our car. It's pretty amazing that cars are available to either rent or buy for so cheap down here. We can rent a car for around $20NZ (about $9.80US!!) or we can buy a car for about $1000 - $2500NZ ($490-$1224US!!) and then sell it for roughly the same price in 3 mos. to another traveller. Even better when you find a very desparate person who is just willing get rid of the car since they need the money to leave the country. This is a very easy and great way to get a good price on transport. It's much better than taking one of the buses filled with 22 year old UK & German kids on their year off.

More later this week......

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