Our Last Relaxing Week in Noosa... - Monday, October 07, 2002

Enough lacrosse already!! The tourney is over. We are off today to lovely Noosa where we will spend the next couple of days scanning in 15 years worth of lacrosse paraphernalia for Ray so he can post it on his Paradise Lacrosse web site. Scanning, scanning and more scanning is what the next few days will be filled with. We will be hanging out at Ray's office with his kooky staff- fun! This is the closest thing we've done to work in 8 months. Ick!! Dave is feeling MUCH better.

Noosa has incredible beaches and is more upscale than most towns we've been to thus far. Over the past few weeks, we've been out for chow at the local surf club, spent many days walking the dogs on the beach, Dave took a surfing lesson, and we enjoyed a few long hikes on the beach and in the hills after Dave's back recovered.. GREAT TIME!!!! Thanks Ray!

On Monday, we leave the warm beaches and sunshine for the city of Melbourne. The weather is going to be quite a change. More to come....

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