Melbourne - Round #1 - Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Our arrival in Melbourne was during a shocking time for the country. The tragic bombing in Bali has been major news here in Australia, it feels somewhat like September 11th coverage back home. As Bali is such a popular tourist destination for Australians, the deaths of these mostly young Australians really rocked the entire country to its core. EVERYONE has vacationed in Bali and knew of the Sari night club. In addition, a few days later, a crazed student shot up his university classroom and killed 2 students. This doesn't happen much here in Australia. So, it's been a weird few weeks to say the least. The news sounds more and more like the US every day. too bad..

Listening to the news is pretty interesting here. We've realized just how filtered our news is in the US. I already knew this from my time in Israel over 10 years ago, but it is just so apparent now how little international news and info Americans actually receive from the media. More later...

We spent a very short time in Melbourne in order to pick up a cheap rental car, arrange a few nights in hostels for the coming week in the Grampian Mountains and on the Great Ocean Road. What we did see of the place, we really liked! Dinner in Little Italy didn't kill the budget and made us crave Italian food every night for the next week. YUM!! We also had lunch in in Chinatown. We enjoyed hanging out in a big city.. Loved the energy and look forward to spending more time here in a few weeks.

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