Dr. Olympia - The Osteopath - Friday, October 04, 2002

A little while later, Marisa and I called up an Osteopath (combo Naturopath, Massage, Chiropractor type) who's credentials looked impressive as a former Olympian for Australia. He took one look at me and said I was a mess and out of shape (somewhat true since we started traveling). This comes from a 60+ year old Masters Games participant in Discus, Shot Put, Sculling (crew) and weightlifting. Also he competes in barbershop quartets. So imagine a hulking, 6'4" 220 lbs doctor, singing, barefoot, and not looking a day over about 50 proclaiming that I was out of shape and needing some adjusting.

Having never been to a Chiropractor, the experience was quite interesting. They gave me a short massage to loosen up the bad back before the cracking began. Let's say it seemed like my body was one big knuckle needing a good crackin' because all I heard was snap, crackle, pop! I'm not going to proclaim a miracle cure for back problems, but I could stand straight and walk which wasn't happening before entering his office.

So much for contributing to the games and taking part in the fun socializing afterwards. My prescription includes - lots of water, walking, sea salt (supposed to be good for the muscles??), swimming, slow jogging (?) and laying flat on my back. No more lacrosse, standing still (no time socializing at the club as I'd wear a path in the carpet doing laps of the joint), slouching, sitting on the couch (doh!), and surfing (for the time being). We're also kind of wondering how we're going to do farm work (planned for next week, now on hold) and extensive backpacking and trekking in NZ starting in Nov (M can't carry two backpacks!).

Hmm... so we drowned our sorrows in a few beers in the Miami like surrounds of Surfers Paradise. Think positive thoughts, my back needs the energy.

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