- Friday, July 26, 2002

The past week has been a blast! I spent 5 days in Austin catching up with friends and basically partying like I did when I was 25. Six years of aging can certainly slow you down on the party front, so by day three, I started showing some wear.

Lory's 35th b-day party was amazing. Her parents sent several bottles of champagne and a thoughtful toast that the bartender read to everyone. Lory made it all the way to ~11pm which is somewhat shocking b/c she usually has problems with staying power on work nights!

Spending quality time with my close friends was rejuvenating! I will miss them all so much. I can't believe that we are going to be gone for a year and a 1/2!! Also, the realization has hit: I'm don't live in Austin anymore close to my friends. Weird... Hmm... I wonder where we'll end up? Colorado, Portland, Seattle...?? Who knows.

I'm at mom & Joel's house in Vegas now. It is unwise to leave the house during the day b/c it's so hot. Yesterday the thermometer said 106 degrees in the shade!!!!
We went to a comedy show on The Strip last night and were surprised to see J.J. from the TV show "Good Times" as part of the act. He was pretty funny! I went to water aerobics today and was saved by the great music-ABBA!

We'll be in Australia in 25 days... woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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