Pre-Trip Planning - Thursday, June 20, 2002

So, what have we been doing in Seattle for the past few weeks? Spending a lot of time at the library figuring out where we are going next. Here’s the latest:
· No Europe this summer (tranny/clutch repair depleted the budget)
· July – Canada
· August – work on a dude ranch or resort to refill the coffers
· Sep/Oc – Australia
· Nov/Dec – New Zealand
· Jan-May – SE Asia
· Jun-Oct – Europe
· Nov/Dec- Egypt/Israel (if it’s safe)
· Jan-Mar – Central and South America
· Done unless there’s still $$ left in the budget or we get a job abroad

We’ve also put together a resume to help us attain a job for August. We’re not too hopeful that there will be a job for both of us for just a moth, but we have to try. We might pull in the trip to Australia 1 month and move everything up..

What else??
· Attended a beautiful Catholic wedding of Dave’s friend Matt McCarthy. He’s a liquor rep, so you can only imagine what the party was like! It was great to catch up with Greg, Hugh, the Woo’s and the Simmon’s.
· Spent the night at Dave’s former roomie Hugh’s house. For sure need to get back and spend more time there, eating big ‘ole breakfasts and snacking on only best ice creams..
· Chef Colin cooked us a great fajita feast and treated us like kings at the same time playing the role of super dad & bathing the kids (cuties!)
· Caught up with Scott, Jen, and Greg at a yummy brewpub. Hopefully we’ll be around to share the birth of their first born in July!
· Went to a great engagement party for a long-time, neighborhood friend James Bach. The food was SO GOOD and it was nice to catch up with James’ parent and meet James’ fiancée Kelly. FUN!
· Spent lots of quality time with Dave’s parents. Carolyn is a fantastic cook, and we are happy to be camping this week because we’ve been eating FAR TOO MUCH of her good cooking! Dave & Jerry to a sail on Father’s Day on Lake Washington and of course came home to a Thanksgiving-like feast. Why do we all forget to eat turkey all year except on Thanksgiving? Mmm.. turkey.
· To earn our keep, we spent much time helping the ‘rents clean out their garage (mostly Dave). We’ve discovered that both Marisa’s mom (Linda) and Dave’s dad (Jerry) have something in common other than their shared birthdays - both have a hard time getting rid of unneeded stuff.
o Linda hordes excessive amounts of office supplies (ie..boxes of pencils and notebooks…”you never know when you might need them!”).
o Jerry has been dubbed “the wood martyr” for his inability to get rid of all sizes, shapes, and grains of wood scraps from various remodeling and house projects. We are happy to report that over 400lbs of wood scraps from Jerry’s wood orphanage have been returned to the earth at the county dump.

We are now going back down to Oregon to camp for a few days. Jon, Jen, and Guinness will be meeting us for a night of camping so they can familiarize themselves with Heimo. They will be caring for both Heimo and Chuy while we are traipsing around the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you….

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