- Sunday, May 12, 2002

We heard that Boise, ID was a cool place and were looking forward to checking it out as a potential place to settle. Turns out, it felt very small and isolated. Perhaps that is because the closest big city is 6-8 hours away (Portland or SLC). Don't get me wrong, it was a cute town, very mountainous....just didn't click. So, we didn't spend the night and motored towards Portland/Camas. We ended up pitching our tent well after sundown outside La Grande, OR. Ah, FINALLY camping... too bad we didn't check the weather before going to bed. It got below freezing. Unfortunately we didn't bring warm enough sleeping bags but found some extra clothes in the car to pile on in the middle of the night for extra warmth and SURVIVED...Such is life! That's what camping is all about.

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