- Monday, April 22, 2002

Well I (Dave) spent the weekend hanging out with my friends from my old lacrosse club. They had a game on Saturday & Sunday so I had great time hanging out with all for that. I also spent the weekend staying @ my old roommate Hugh's house (thanks). Hugh and I went to dinner that night with James Bach (congrats on the recent engagement to Kelly, 'bout time) at one of our favorite haunts the Nickerson Street Saloon in Seattle.

I then spent a few more days back at my parent's house in Bellevue, until we found out that I had to make a quick trip down to Austin to be with Marisa. We found out she had to have another round of Sinus surgery. So I packed up Heimo and took Chuy back down to Camas so Jen & Jon could take care of her for me. I then spent the better part of the next day trying to find a cheap last minute fare down to Austin.

I (Marisa) spent most of Saturday with my girlfriends (Lisa, Lory, Stacy, and Pam) drinking margaritas at several Mexican joints. What a fun day! We ended up on 6th Street early in the morning having pizza for breakfast. MMMMM....

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