- Thursday, April 25, 2002

Luckily Marisa's surgery has been postponed until next week. I was able to find a great deal on Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward passes so I could fly down to Austin. I think I'm going to leave on Sunday. That gives me a few more days down here in Camas. Incidentally the Seattle Lacrosse Club (my old team) is going to be in Portland for the PNLA lacrosse tournament this weekend so I will be sure to stop by on Saturday to watch. - D

I'm pretty bummed that my sinus cavity needs to be Roto Rootered again, but if it will enable me to feel normal and go running again, I'm all for it! Hanging out in Austin this week while catching up with friends and not having to work has been fantastic. However, I'm starting to get VERY excited about going to Europe and have been surfing the web looking for interesting volunteer opportunites while we are there -- teaching English, Bartending, working in a wildlife preserve.. Who knows what we'll end up doing!

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