Rome – Noise Pollution - Friday, October 24, 2003

Well it’s fall. The weather has taken a turn to be a bit cold and quite rainy. We spent about 5 days here sightseeing, uploading tons of photos from our camera, ingesting car, bus and scooter fumes, and eating Chinese food. Yes, Chinese food. Believe it or not, a diet of incredible pizza and pasta gets old after eating the same thing for almost 2 weeks straight.

Also, the internet and phone are MUCH cheaper in Rome than anywhere else we’ve been in Europe. Surfing the internet has been a good diversion to sightseeing during the frequent downpours of rain.

Rome is a noisy place from the throngs of scooters with bad mufflers zipping through red lights, to enraged pedestrians, along with honking cars and trucks. It seems as if every Italian driver or pedestrian is doing his best to impersonate Mario Andretti -very aggressive walking and driving. Honking is obligatory. Scooters are not required to stop at red lights!!!!! They just zoom up to the front of intersections or come on the sidewalk to get where they need to. Think of the disorganization. This is probably the reason for all the honking. All of this takes place under the “watchful” eye of the intersection/traffic police. Watching is about all they seem to do. It fun to watch rush hour traffic with a bottle of wine from our hotel room.

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