Prague, Czech Republic - Rain, rain go away - Sunday, September 14, 2003

We are spending 3 days in Prague and are pretty impressed so far. Here's a little history for ya.. Prague is the only major city in Central Europe to escape bombs in all the wars of the 20th Century. Thus, it is a very well preserved city. We've seen architecture as old as the 9th century!

Ruled by Charles IV in the Golden Age (14th Century), Prague was the largest, most highly cultured city in Europe. Charles IV was the King of Bohemia and also ruled the Holy Roman Empire from Prague, not Vienna like his predecessors...busy man. He did his best to make Bohemia grand. By contracting Italian mosaicists and French architects and building the first university north of the Alps, Charles IV succeded in making Prague the envy of other European cities during this time. Walking around Prague makes you feel like you are in a time warp!

The Slavic language is not quite as intuitive as the Latin-based languages we've encountered so far. I guess this is good preparation for Africa, Turkey, and Asia! Unlike the rest of Europe, Prague is smack dab in the middle of tourist season which usually ends ~ August for the rest of Europe. At every turn, we find tour groups from around the world following the distinctive flags of their tour guide. That's the only downside. Actually the weather is cool and rainy so our pics won't be as nice.... but what can you do? On the up side, the rain has forced us indoors to the quaint coffee and pastry shops. We are fattening up for the cool weather yet to come. It sure is yummy!

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