The Romantic Road - Rothenburg - Friday, September 19, 2003

Along with Susan, we spent the day in Germany's best-preserved walled town. We did all the essentials without feeling too touristy: medieval crime & punishment museum (sinister but cool), St. Jakob's Church, walked along the 1.5 mile wall circling the city, and took the Nightwatchman's tour after sunset (tons of historic tidbits about Germany and Rothenburg).

Medieval Crime & Punishment Museum
This museum features instruments of punishment, torture, and has the most detailed colletion in Europe of 1000 year's worth of law (more interesting than it sounds). Punishment was quite severe in the middle ages with execution and severe punishment very common. Also interesting were the displays of items including tools and masks used to shame/punish gossips, infidels, clothing violations, not going or sleeping in church, nagging (!), and quarrelsome people.

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