Our trip home - Friday, February 14, 2003

After a quick layover in Auckland, we headed back to the US for the first time in 6 months. We were both a little anxious as we didn't quite know what to expect on arriving back to the real world. It turns out that not much has changed and we fell back into the comfortable pace of life quickly.

On our return trip we stopped in LA to see our friends Nicole and Margot & David. We had a really nice visit with both of them and a quick stop at the Getty Museum (Margot's sister works there) and continued up to Seattle. James and Kelly's wedding was beautiful and we are both so happy we could attend.Catching up with Dave's parents, Jerry and Carolyn was also a treat. We suprised Dave's brother Jon and sister-in-law Jen by arriving in time for the wedding. It was so cool to catch up with them and realize that we are going to be an Aunt and Uncle sooner than we think!.

Amazingly we had a buyer for Heimo within a week of arriving back in the US. So we took off for Dallas to see EJ & Gideon and Chuy our dog. We spent a busy week with them planning our trip to Costa Rica and helping them finish unpacking from a recent move to their beautiful new home. Chuy enjoyed visiting with us as well. She howled for about 10 minutes straight when we arrived. We are going to miss her so much for the next year! Oh yeah, it was great to catch up with our friends in Austin (24 hour trip) and Roberta in Dallas. We'll have more time in Texas in May while we stop through on our way to Europe.

Dave is also going to be lugging around a GMAT study book while in Central America as he hopes to apply for B-school to start in the fall of '04 after our trip.

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