Camping and fishing our way back to Christchurch - Friday, January 17, 2003

Our travel plans have changed. Instead of staying in NZ until the end of February and starting the rest of the trip around the world, we decided to start early. The plans started to change when we decided that we would regret not seeing James and Kelly (Bach) get married on February 1st. Then we started thinking. How about we head back to the States, go to the wedding, see pregnant Jen & Jon (congrats) and also give a go at selling Heimo. After all the van was just taking space at Dave's parents house.

So off we went, on our camping and fishing travels back to Christchurch. We managed to follow some great weather, see the beautiful countryside and catch a few fish along the way. In Chch we were hoping to hook up with Lynette and Matt, Lynette is the daughter of one of Linda & Joel's friends. It would be nice to hang out at a relaxing house instead of the hostels. Our first mission on returning was to get Stella sold as quickly as possible so we could leave town sooner.

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