Lynette & Matt's B&B stay - Friday, January 24, 2003

Our luck started good in Chch! We got ahold of Lynette and Matt who graciously told us that we had to stay at their house while in town. So they set us up in their guestroom and we hung out for the next week. Over many great meals and drinks we discussed our travels with them and learned much about our impending parenthood as they have a 10 month old.

We advertised Stella at all the backpackers in town and had a buyer arranged in a few days. This allowed us to leave NZ a few days in advance of when we had to get out in order to make the wedding on the first. We leave tomorrow and are a little sad to go.

All in all, we enjoyed or time in NZ and look forward to our return in Feb. '04 to finish our trip and see some of the sights we didn't manage on our first trip.

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