- Thursday, September 12, 2002

While mulling over the many options for transporting down the east coast towards Brisbane (train, bus, car rental, hitching), we were lucky enough to happen upon a company looking to relocate a campervan to Brisbane. Fancy that! The cost is only $1/day plus insurance--much cheaper than any of the other options. With unlimited miles and 7 days to burn, we are making our way to Airlie Beach-the jumping off point for sailing cruises/scuba/snorkeling around the Whitsunday Islands. We certainly hope the weather improves as it's been a bit rainy since we picked up the van.

Our new Toyota Hiace Campervan has all the amenities that our van Heimo has, without the mechanical issues. Knock on wood...it is Friday the 13th though...Having our own transport is a nice change from taking tours, buses, walking, and sitting in the hostel!

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