Johannesburg - Jan. 12th & 16th - Saturday, January 17, 2004

Our flights to Vic Falls were not that convenient and necessitated an overnight in Jo’burg at the front and back end. We found a local backpackers close to the airport that had a pool, laundry, and BBQ for $10!! Just what we needed…clean clothes! We really hit if off with the guy running the hostel for his son. Vince used to be a professional hunter, turned park ranger, and then became a safari guide. Evidently, he led hunting trips for some of the former leaders of South Africa. After deciding that hunting was no longer his calling, he turned into a park ranger/conservationist. One of his projects was leading animal conservation efforts for some of SA’s largest national parks, including the famed Kruger Park, where he managed a lion breeding program for over ten years.

Vince is going to start taking people on Safaris again. He will specialize in walking Safaris in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. We can't wait to try this type of Safari to compare it with our experiences on this trip. Hopefully, we can get back to SA soon before everyone starts traveling extensively to this country as it emerges from it's nasty past.

On the second pass through Jo'burg we hooked up with one of M's former co-workers who is now is SA with Dell. Ben, a native Brit, was nice enough to pick us up from the airport and give us a place to crash for our quick stop. We enjoyed a tasty seafood dinner out with his good friend Rosh. We loved his Mini Cooper....

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