Overall Safari Experience - Sunday, January 11, 2004

At both hotels, we’ve chatted with the staff about various things. Everyone we talked to commented on the fact the Brits and Americans stopped coming to East Africa unlike other nationalities. The government travel warnings have a very negative impact to local tourism. Kenyans, like the Turkish, don’t understand how Westerns can believe that Kenya is a war zone like Iraq. Just like 9/11, the acts of terrorism in Kenya were perpetrated by terrorists, not the average citizen. At the embassy bombing in Kenya, mostly Kenyans were killed not westerners!! We heard these types of comments many, many times from frustrated people who think westerners believe too strongly in what is told to them on TV. Our experience thus far has been similar to that of Turkey. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming…so happy that an American is actually out for a visit! We feel completely safe; however, we are a bit insulated due to the nature of our trip.

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