Mountain Lodge – Day 3 - Monday, January 05, 2004

Duncan was pretty upset this morning as the pop-top on his beloved van broke. He assured us that he would somehow get it welded before our next game drive. We were thinking – how, we’re out in the middle of nowhere!!?? We left the lodge early this morning after hanging out with a small pack of very cheeky monkeys. They were brazen and not shy to sit right next to us along with their tiny babies hanging around their necks.

Today was a very long day: Six hours drive north to Mt. Kenya and the Mountain Lodge. The last 45 minutes of our drive was on the worst road either of us has ever traveled. Our guts and brains were rattling inside our bodies! Mt. Kenya was clouded over, and the van was amidst a heavy rain pour, but boy is our hotel cool! At 7200 ft, the temperature is cooler than in the south and full of rainforest much like Costa Rica. The Mountain Lodge is in the shape of a semi-circle, is 4 stories tall, surrounds a watering hole/salt lick, and is floodlit at night. So, we don’t have to go on a game drive. The animals are viewable from the comfort of our porch, bar/viewing deck, or a bunker close to the salt-lick. HOW COOL IS THAT??? And get this….before going to bed, all we need to do is tell the on-site naturalist what animals we are interested in seeing, and he’ll knock on our door in the middle of the night if they show up at the salt-lick!!!!!!! Crazy, I tell ya!

We just checked in, had some tea and watched some weird monkeys, water-bucks, and gazelles mosey around the watering hole. The bar manager gave armed us with a big stick to whack any bold monkey who may show up on the viewing deck begging for cookies. During dinner we spotted a Genet cat which is a little larger than a domestic cat but has fur like a cheetah. We can’t use a flash, so we don’t expect any good night pics.

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