- Thursday, March 14, 2002

It was so nice to finally get outside after being stuck hanging out sick in the Bunkhouse for 7 days. We saw the movie Gosford Park on Wednesday night and then went snowshoeing Thursday afternoon. The conditions were incredible with about a foot or more of new snow. The trail was empty, and we had to do a fair amount of trailblazing due to the new snow. Marisa did great (it was her first time), and I enjoyed getting back on snowshoes for the first time in several years.

Our first trip to the mountain was on Friday, after being holed up for too long indoors. Bert & Carole Cohen (Bert is Marisa's 2nd cousin on her mom's side and is retired here in Steamboat) gave us a guided tour of the mountain...a nice way to spend our first day on the slopes. Burt & Carole are members of the Over the Hill Gang, a resport-sponsored, free guide service for folks who are over the hill. They get free ski passes for the season for working (guiding) 1 day/week on the mountain. Pretty sweet deal... Seems like a great retirement gig! Anyway, we had a blast! Great skiing and we are totally exhausted. Hit the hot tub and had a few drinks. Fantastic day.... We also had very nice Italian dinner with Bert & Carole one night before leaving town. It's nice to know we have fun family members in Colorado!

Steamboat Springs (aka - Ski Town USA) is a town of just under 10k people in NW Colorado. Winter brings great downhill, xc, snowshoeing and other snowsports. Spring and Summer seems to offer great outdoorsy pursuits such as hiking, river rafting/kayaking, and backpacking. Fall would offer some amazing changing of the colors with all the Aspens, etc. It truly seems to be a 4 season paradise.

The rest of our Steamboat vacation was spent snow shoeing on the ranch and at a local park called Fish Creek Falls. Chuy is a great snow dog and provided comedy relief for us as we tredged through knee deep snow. Dave also found time to fly fish on the Yampa River - cold, frozen fingers, ice on the guides. I had fun trying out the local yoga studio which situated on the Yampa River facing the mountains. The strectching felt great after being cooped up in the house. While it's been fun hanging out in Colorado, I'm starting to feel a bit homesick for friends...

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