Last three days! - Tuesday, March 23, 2004

We are now chilllin in Kuala Lumpur, simply called "KL" by those in the know. Much like downtown Bangkok and Hong Kong, KL is full of shopping malls and is pretty sprawled out. However, there doesn't seem to be as much pollution here. We are only in KL b/c we found a VERY cheap flight home originating here. So, we aren't doing much except a little shopping. It's been a while since we walked around the mall and thought of wearing anything other than flip flops and the stuff in our backpack. Our little shopping excursion was much more exciting than we had anticipated!

The past few weeks have gone by so fast! We will most likely update our jounal next week at Linda & Joel's house with all our pictures and adventures in northern Thailand, Ko Phangan, and Cambodia. It's been hard to keep the site updated since we've been moving around so much. The connections are not very fast either, making photo uploading painstaking.

We are happy to report that we're not too sad that our trip is over. It's the right time to come home. We are looking forward to many things:

- sleeping in our OWN bed
- settling into our OWN house
- Uncovering the treasures in the time capsule that is our storage unit
- finding a place for all of our souvenirs collected during our travels (mostly frig magnets & beer labels)
- cooking our OWN meals
- having a washing machine of our own
- playing with Chuy
- having family and friends nearby
- being able to turn our stereo on and just relax on the couch for a while
- Tuna Runa Cassarole (Marisa)
- Chips & Salsa & Guac
- Wearing some respectable clothes and burning everything in our backpack

We look forward to catching up with everyone after we get settled in.

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