Sunblock - Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Without sunblock, this week would have been a disaster. Miraculously, we have come through without burning our pasty white selves by slathering up with sunblock every few hours. Also, it is just unbearable outside from 11-3 in the direct sunlight, so we just read/study in the hammocks under the palapas..

We keep putting off leaving the idyllic town of San Augustinillo for our next stop, Puerto Escondido. Pte. E has about 49, 700 people more than the town we are in now. Why go to a more crowded beach in which the currents are too strong for swimming?? No reason at all.

Since we haven't bought any souvenirs from Central America, we decided to splurge on an extremely well-made double hammock from a fisherman turned hammock-maker. Can't wait to actually have a home to hang it!!!

After our big purchase we had to get some more dinero for the rest of the week since NO ONE takes visa. We hopped in a collectivo taxi to the nearest town with a bank, phone, and internet. A collectivo is a truck or taxi that stuffs in as many people as possible and is much, much cheaper than a regular taxi. Anyway, there was a military checkpoint halfway there and we had to peel ourselves off the plastic seats and our neighbors for a car check. They were checking for drugs and contraband since most of the small towns along the coast don't support many jobs....mucho drugs abound.

Our flight from Acapulco leaves Monday, so we have 4 more days on this beach before heading to 2 hours west to Pte. E to catch the 8 hour bus to Acapulco. We've decided to spend zero time in Acapulco since the hotels are 4X what we are paying now and crowded as hell.. We'll just take the overnight bus, go to the beach for a few hours, then hop on our plane all sandy!

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