Think Houston, Texas in August - Sunday, April 06, 2003

The worst place to be in the world in August is Houston, Texas - hot as hell and humid. When you walk outside, it's like you are entering a sauna. That's what it feels like here on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. One exception....there are beautiful beaches to keep us cool...

Our all night bus ride from the border of Guatemala/Mexico to the Huatulco area was complete with speed bumps everywhere, random immigration inspections and military checkpoints throughout the night. We arrived in in this growing resort town (think Puerto Vallarta 20 years ago) to spend our belated Valentines Day. Dave found a deal for an All-Inclusive resort for a couple of days of relaxation. Why would two people who have been traveling for 9 months need to relax? Well we really don´t compared to our working days, but..... It sure was nice to know that we didn´t have to drag our packs around and think about where to sleep/eat/drink on the cheap. The food wasn´t that great, but the open bar, clean ocean front room (w/cable TV & AC), refreshing pool, great ocean swimming and free use of kayaks, etc. This was definitely a great treat for two days.

We took a 1 hour chicken bus ride to the small fishing village of Puerto Angel and have been here for a few days at a really cool hotel built by the artist owner (and his family) on the side of the hill overlooking the beach. It has been very quiet and relaxing allowing Dave to study for the GMAT and refresh his knowledge of 8th grade math, algebra and geometry. Hopefully, between the relaxation and studying he will be able to take the exam in May. Also, Marisa was successfully hooked in the toe by a kid using a boogy board to troll for fish back and forth across the beach. We are happy to report that no extensive damage was incurred to M´s toe as Dave managed to both remove the hook and yank the line, pulling the kid off his boogy board, in one swift move to prevent further damage.

Today we are are on our way to an even smaller beach village. San Augustinillo/Manzunte are beautiful beach villages frequented by surfers, budget travelers and people just wanting to get off the beaten track. We´ll be staying in bungalows on the beach for less than $15US a night and expect the diet to consist of guacamole and fish. Can´t beat that for continuing our stretch of relaxation along the coast of Mexico. After these towns we continue up the coast to the larger surfer/fishing town of Puerto Escondido. From there we head to Acapulco for our flight back to Dallas. We aren´t looking forward to our 8-9 hour bus ride in the middle of the day, it´s going to be incredibly hot even with AC going full blast. It is better than going at night because of the possibility of banditos stopping the bus, NO FUN!

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